City Clerk

2018 Candidate Information

Each candidate below is running for City Council on May 8, 2018: 

District 1 

Jay Carpenter
Occupation: Financial Advisor
Length of time living in Lone Tree: 18 years
What do you value most about Lone Tree:  Lone Tree is an amazing place to raise a family, live, and work. A lot of thought and hard work has gone into building the successful brand of the City.
Issues of Concern:  Increased traffic as a result of our growth is an ongoing concern. We need to continue exploring creative solutions to mobility efficiency within the City and throughout the region.
Reason for seeking Office: I would like to continue working aside my fellow City Council members and dedicated city staff in guiding Lone Tree forward in its bright future.
If elected, what do you hope to contribute to Lone Tree: I hope to provide a voice for the residents of District 1 and represent their interests as Lone Tree continues to grow an evolve.  I truly believe that "smart" growth is the solution as we continue to move forward with expansion and development in RidgeGate East.

Jay and his wife, Melissa, live in Lone Tree with their four children and family dog.  In his spare time Jay enjoys hiking, biking, golf, one wheeling, travel, and live music.

District 2
Kevin Spencer
Kevin W. Spencer
Phone: 720-484-0299
Occupation: Executive and I currently serve the City as Vice Chair of the Planning Commission.
Length of time living in Lone Tree: 5 years
What do you value most about Lone Tree:  Living in a City with the connectivity of neighborhoods and business such as Lone Tree creates a community ideal for raising a family.
Issues of Concern:  Carefully growing the City. Maintaining the tradition of the first two decades of growth while thoughtfully positioning the community's relevancy for future generations.
Reason for seeking Office: I want to give back to the community and ensure the City continues to be one of the most desirable places to live, work, and play.
If elected, what do you hope to contribute to Lone Tree: Contribute my years of experience in business strategy and growth to the City. As well, I want to mentor our younger generations to be the future leaders of our City.

Kevin and his wife, Leann, live in Lone Tree with their son.  In his spare time Kevin enjoys golf, skiing, hiking, music, and coaching his son in sports and recreational activities.

Michael Anderson Bio Photo
Michael T. Anderson

Phone: 303-378-8463
Occupation: Retired from 32 years in business and project management in the energy industry.  Currently a Board Member for South Suburban Parks and Recreation.
Length of time living in Lone Tree: 15 years
What do you value most about Lone Tree:  I love the open spaces, parks, trails, and recreational amenities in Lone tree. We like our neighbors and value the safety in our community, the easy access to highway transportation and light rail, the convenience of shopping, and the Lone Tree Arts Center.
Issues of Concern:  Lone Tree is a relatively young city and is growing very rapidly. Growth needs to be managed in a way that the concerns of all residents are heard and addresses as the City continues to grow into RidgeGate East. Demographics and the needs of the senior population are also a concern.
Reason for seeking Office: I believe I can be helpful in managing the growth of Lone Tree, and at the same time balancing the quality of services throughout the City as we grow.  The City of Lone Tree has demonstrated a commitment to excellence as it has grown and I would strive to continue that goal.
If elected, what do you hope to contribute to Lone Tree:  As an experienced elected official I believe I can help with policy and direction, leadership, partnerships, and accountability.  I have the time available to serve and to listen to the concerns of our residents.

Michael and his wife, Cheryl, have 3 adult children, 5 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild.  In his spare time Michael enjoys golf, walking, hiking, biking, swimming, and skiing.