Garage Sale Signs

General Information

The City of Lone Tree provides City approved garage sale signs at no cost to residents of Lone Tree. According to Municipal Code 16-29-80, garage sale signs must comply with certain specifications.

Household/Sign Limitations

Each household in Lone Tree is allowed a maximum of four (4) garage sale signs per year. Households in Acres Green are allowed two (2) garage sale signs per year. Please see Temporary Residential Signs Brochure for complete standards.

Community-wide garage sales may be allowed up to a maximum of 12 signs.

How to Obtain Your Signs

Residents are encouraged to contact the City Administrative office prior to picking up their signs to ensure an adequate supply is available. The City Office hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Garage Sale Sign Rules

  • Signs must be placed on private property with permission from the property owner
  • Signs are not allowed on sidewalks, street medians, or public property
  • Signs shall not penetrate the ground
  • Devices to secure signs must be removed upon removal of signs
  • Attachments such as balloons on signs are not allowed
  • Please dispose of or recycle your signs after the sale
  • Please remove signs immediately after your sale. If your signs are not removed within 12 hours after the garage sale has ended, you may be cited and fined for littering

Signs May Not be Placed on Public Property

Temporary Sign Placement

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