Local Business

With a range of available commercial spaces, a skilled and educated workforce, and a great location within the thriving Denver metro area, Lone Tree is the ideal place for local businesses to thrive. 

Explore this section to learn more about how Lone Tree Economic Development can assist you in starting or expanding your business. 

Why Start Your Business in Lone Tree?

  • Space Is Available- Office space is available in large or small amounts. Parking is easy to find. 
  • High-Quality Workforce- With more than 60% of the workforce in Lone Tree having a Bachelor's Degree or higher, it is easy to find staff to meet your business' needs in Lone Tree. 
  • Location- Lone Tree is quickly accessible by two nearby major highways and a variety of transit options, making it easy for clients, vendors and employees to get to and from your business at all times of the day.
  • High Visibility in Major Retail Area- Lone Tree is home to Park Meadows Mall, one of the largest malls in the Denver area and Colorado's only shopping resort. The mall, along with other surrounding retail establishments and restaurants, attract a huge influx of visitors to Lone Tree daily, and offer your business high visibility in a prime Colorado destination.

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