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A New Chapter for the Old Library:

Help Us Name Our New Community Center!

Background Information

When Douglas County Libraries announced they would move out of their former Lone Tree branch at 8827 Lone Tree Parkway and into their new, larger library building near the Lone Tree Arts Center, the Lone Tree City Council committed to purchase the Lone Tree Parkway building to preserve it as a community resource.

In 2015, City staff had a conversation with community members to determine and prioritize possible reuses for the building and assess the community’s needs. From that, Council directed staff to investigate several different reuse options, eventually settling in mid-2016 on reusing the building as a community center. Staff then negotiated an IGA with South Suburban Park and Recreation District (SSPRD) in 2016 for the City to own and renovate the building and SSPRD to provide staff and operate the building. The operations will cost the City of Lone Tree $50,000 annually.

Up Next: The Search for a Name

We need your help! The City Council would like to hear from our residents what they believe this new community center should be named. This is similar to our process in 2009 of asking our residents for name ideas for the park which became Prairie Sky Park.

Please submit your name ideas to the City by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, January 11th in one of three ways:

Naming Criteria for New Community Center

The City Council will make the final decision in early 2017 after hearing input from residents and receiving research from staff. The following types of names are preferred:

  1. Names that connect to Citys community vision
    • Lone Tree is a premier Colorado community connected by great neighborhoods, vibrant public spaces, a beautiful natural environment, and thriving businesses.
  2. Names unique to us OR of established historical importance
  3. Names with broad-based community support

Library Picture

History of the Building and City of Lone Tree Reuse Process

1986: Oakes Mill Library opens at 8827 Lone Tree Parkway to serve northern Douglas County and the yet-to-be incorporated City of Lone Tree community.

1993: Renovations of Oakes Mill Library are complete.

1997-1998: Oakes Mill Library is demolished and the current 10,000 sq. ft. library building is constructed.

2006: Renovation of current building and installation of solar panels on roof.

2013: Douglas County Libraries announces it can no longer accommodate current and future growth at this location, and would better serve the community in a larger building. The City commits to purchasing the current library branch building on Lone Tree Parkway and preserving it as a community resource.

November 2014: City signs agreement with Douglas County Libraries and two other parties to facilitate land transfer for new library building and purchase of the existing building.

2015: City staff conducts due diligence on the library building’s current state and capabilities, and engages with City residents to answer the question, “What new use of this building would meet community needs?”

Early 2016:  City evaluates feedback and options. 

September 2016:  City Council approves IGA with South Suburban Park and Recreation District to re-open and operate former library building as a community center in 2017. City will own and renovate the building, and SSPRD will program and operate it.

October 2016-January 2017:  Renovation and program planning by City and SSPRD

January-May 2017:  Construction to prepare building for reopening.

May 2017:  Projected opening date.

Other Questions or Comments?

Torie Brazitis, Assistant to the City Manager, is collecting the name ideas and managing this process. She can be reached at and 720-509-1289.

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