City Clerk

Election Signage

Restrictions on Election Season Signage

No sign shall be posted more than 90 days prior to the election to which the sign is related,and must be removed within 2 weeks of the final election. Must be placed on private land and setback 5 feet from property line. No signs are permitted on public land or rights-of-way. Lawn signs meeting these requirements are permitted.

Maximum sign area:  6 sq. ft. if single-sided (3 sq. ft. per side)
Maximum height:  none
Maximum Number:  There is no limit to the number of signs per candidate or ballot issue.
Sign Permit Required: No
Additional requirements: Election season means ninety (90) days prior to and fourteen(14) days after any City regular or special election, any county or special district election, or any state or federal primary or general election.

LT Municipal Code Chapter 16 Article XXIX

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