The City recognizes that signs and other graphic elements play an important role in communicating messages and shaping the character of the community. Lone Tree has standards based upon the sign category, regardless of sign content, that protect public safety, reduce visual clutter, and ensure that high standards for community appearance and architecture are maintained.

Permanent Signs

Categories include wall, freestanding , awning, canopy, projecting, and incidental signs. Permanent signs should relate to and enhance the project it serves, as well as promote a high-quality image for Lone Tree. Permanent signs shall adhere to the City's Sign Standards in the Zoning Code and Design Guidelines (p. 55).

Sign Permit Required | All permanent signage requires completion and approval of a Building Permit from the Building Division. A post-installation inspection must also be scheduled. Fees are calculated based upon project valuation: Building Permit Fee Schedule. Please contact the Building Division for questions on sign standards, design guidelines, and permits.

Temporary Signs

Temporary Signs in Residential Areas | For details about allowed temporary signs on single family property and multifamily apartments and condos, see Temporary Residential Signs. Signs are not allowed on public property.

Temporary Signs in Commercial Areas | Categories include portable signs, window signs, and banners. For details about allowed temporary signs on non-residential property, see Temporary Signs on Nonresidential Property. Signs are not allowed on public property.

Temporary Special Event Signs 
| Signs associated with a special event or temporary use are approved through the Temporary Use Permit process. Signs are not allowed on public property. Please contact Zoning Enforcement Coordinator for questions related to special events and temporary uses.

Prohibited Signs

With the exception of governmental and traffic safety signs, the City does not allow signs on public property including but not limited to street rights-of-way, medians, sidewalks, and parks and open space. Prohibited signs categories include balloons, inflatable devices, advertising flags, pennants or spinners, inflatable signs, and sail banners. Ground signs are prohibited in commercial areas.

Signs May Not be Placed on Public Property including Streets, Sidewalks, and Parks

Temp Sign

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