City Clerk

Records Request

City Clerk's Duty 
The City Clerk is the official custodian of the city's public records,receives and responds to public record requests, and is responsible for the legal retention of city records and preservation of archival documents.

Records Information
City records include all writings made, maintained, or kept by the city, regardless of physical form or characteristic.

Most city records are public records. Colorado statutes define what specific records are not public and you will be informed if the information you request is not available to you for that reason.

Public records are open for inspection by any person during regular office hours 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and will be made available within three working days or less upon receipt of a written Public Records Request.

Extenuating circumstances might result in a seven-day extension to the three-day rule.

Time Kept
Even though most city records are public records, they are not all kept forever. The City Clerk's Office is responsible for the city's Records Management Program.

All city records are evaluated based on the length of time they will have significant value to the city and to the public, and each type of record is assigned a retention period.

The Colorado State Archives reviews and approves the city's retention schedule.

Making Your Request
The more specific you can make your request; the better your chances of finding the information you want. Asking for "everything you've got" about a particular subject can be costly to the requestor, as there are research fees involved for records searches.

Research & Retrieval Policy
All requests which require copies, and/or retrieval costs, and/or research fees, require payment in advance prior to retrieval of the records.

Complete CORA Request Procedures are in the Records Management Policy.


Jay Robb
City Clerk
9220 Kimmer Drive
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Lone Tree,CO 80124

Ph: 303-708-1818
Fax: 303-225-4949

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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