Mapping and GIS

Mapping and GIS

*LT Maps (Interactive) and GIS Data Downloads are currently down for maintenance until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to get them up and running as quickly as possible.* 

LT Maps

LT Maps is a web mapping application being utilized by the City of Lone Tree to display, share and analyze data. This site is an interactive GIS map providing the user with the ability to toggle various spatial datasets on and off, conduct basic analysis, do searches and look up a variety of property information.

Core information available through LT Maps includes:
Home Owners Associations & Subdivisions              Parcels
Commercial Subdivisions                                       Parks & Open Space
Development Projects                    
                       Transportation Features
Special Districts                                                    Zoning
Council Districts                                                   City Facilities
And Much More...

What is GIS?

A Geographic Information System, or GIS is a compilation of hardware, software, data and skilled personnel that is designed to capture, store, manage, analyze and display spatial data. The key is the idea of Spatial data. The concept behind GIS is that most things can be tied to a physical location on the earth, including, vegetation types, flood zones, your water bill, car registration, even your credit card records can all be tied to a geographic location. If decision makers can easily see the locations of critical features, events, or assets and understand how they influence processes, work flows, financials, etc. then better decisions can be made and money can be saved.

Most commonly, data is stored in tabular form as “attributes” to a feature or location. These locations and associated attribute information can then be analyzed and mapped to show patterns across the land.  It is this analysis process that generates so much of the strength, rigidity and power that a GIS provides.


Lone Tree & GIS

The City of Lone Tree has invested in GIS to assist staff in daily workflow, to help communicate with the public and to provide the best analysis capabilities for business processes, workflows and critical decision making.

The City currently uses GIS for planning, transportation management, asset tracking, data and development review, submissions, and more. As the City continues to grow, it is expected that GIS will play a vital role in community design, emergency management planning, how and where development occurs, how information is shared with residents and much more.

The data and information provided here is done so with the best intent to provide accurate, timely and complete data; however, occasional circumstances may delay the posting of new, updated data.

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