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The Lone Tree Municipal Court is committed to the administration of justice with equality, fairness and integrity. The Court employees strive to treat our customers with respect and dignity while upholding the organizational values established by the City of Lone Tree. 

Court employees are not allowed to give legal advice, but are happy to answer procedural questions. 

Information on this site applies only to the Lone Tree Municipal Court. Some summonses written by Lone Tree Police Officers are written to Douglas County Court. A Douglas County summons will begin with the letters "LTC". A Lone Tree summons will begin with "LTM". Please check your summons for the name and address of the court.

The Lone Tree Municipal Court is a court of limited jurisdiction which serves the Citizens of the City of Lone Tree, Colorado. The types of cases heard in the Lone Tree Municipal Court are: traffic, misdemeanor, parking, animal and other municipal code violations. The Lone Tree Municipal Court has authority over violations of the Lone Tree Municipal Code. Some charges require an appearance in court, while others may be resolved by mailing in a fine. City ordinances, court rules and state statutes govern court proceedings. 

Violations that occur within the City of Lone Tree and are considered matters of statewide concern are written into and heard in Douglas County Court. For example: Improper Auto Registration, Vehicle and Driver licensing, Theft over $1,000.00, First Degree Assault, and D.U.I. violations and other felony charges. The City of Lone Tree does not hear civil or felony cases. 

Jury Service

Jury duty in Lone Tree requires one day of service. If you have served in Federal, District, or County court in the past year as a juror for at least three continuous days, you may be excused from municipal jury duty for one year. Please contact the court office if this applies to you at 303-339-8177.

If you appear in the Lone Tree’s Municipal Court as a juror, you will not be called again for at least one year.

Please call 303-339-8177 the day before the jury trial to make certain the trial remains set and there has not been a change in the Court's schedule

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