Municipal Court

Red Light Enforcement Program

Red light violations contribute substantially to the millions of intersection collisions that occur nationally each year. When red light safety cameras are operational, deaths and injuries related to red light running may be significantly reduced.

How the Red Light System Works

Cameras operate 24-hours a day and capture still images and video of every vehicle running a red-light at the intersection. The safety cameras photograph a vehicle if it enters the intersection after the light has turned red. A second photograph is taken as the vehicle progresses through the intersection.

Vehicles that enter an intersection on a yellow light are not photographed even if they are still in the intersection when the light changes to red. The technology is designed to record motorists as they intentionally enter an intersection after the signal turns red.

The camera photographs the vehicle. The camera records the date, time, lane number, location, speed of the vehicle, how long the light had been yellow and how long the light had been red.

This information is included on the notice of violation and is then evaluated by the Police Department to verify that a violation has occurred and to determine whether a notice of violation should be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.


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