Municipal Court

Summons and Complaints

A Summons and Complaint (also known as a citation or a ticket) is served by a Police Officer for criminal and non-criminal offenses committed in the City of Lone Tree. A Summons and Complaint will notify the person receiving the citation of the court date and time (which is a mandatory appearance) and the violation charged.

Summons and Complaint violations involve not only traffic offenses, but also general offense violations such as assault, shoplifting (under $1,000.00), possession or consumption of alcohol by underage persons, curfew violations, public drunkenness, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, disturbances, animal control violations, and others of local concern. The City of Lone Tree, like many jurisdictions, decriminalized certain offenses, and a jail sentence is not a possible penalty for those offenses; however, a citation for a criminal offense could still result in a fine and jail sentence for some offenses.

If you are issued a Summons and Complaint Citation, the arraignment date is assigned by the Police Officer. On that arraignment date, you will have the opportunity to speak with the City Prosecutor regarding your case. If a plea agreement is reached, you will appear before the Judge for entry of plea and sentencing. You may also enter a plea of not guilty and your case will be set for trial. Many violations involving an accident require a mandatory court appearance.

Payment by Mail
If the police officer includes a fine amount on your citation, you may handle your case by mail. If you mail your payment within 20 days of the violation date, the points will be reduced by the amount listed on the back of the citation. If payment is not mailed within 20 days, there is no point reduction. Please read the instructions on the back of your citation carefully.
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