Board of Adjustment and Appeals

The Board of Adjustment and Appeals may grant zoning variances when requested and hear any appeals from administrative orders, requirement, decision or determination made by administrative official charged with the enforcement of zoning. Three of those members will be required to have experience in the building trades, such as construction, architecture, fire protection, civil engineering or related legal experience. Two members will not be required to have specialized experience. This Board meets on an as-needed basis. Board Members are appointed by the City Council for a three-year term.

 Members Term Expiration
 Gary Dodden, Chair 12-31-2019
 Ivan Sarkissian, Vice Chair 12-31-2019
 Jason Margraf 12-31-2017
 Kurt Miller 12-31-2017
 Bill Robertson 12-31-2018
 Rhonda Carlson Planning Commission Alternate


Staff Contact

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Community Development Director
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