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Lone Tree Referral Request for Pinnacle Medical Office Building, Comments due May 5, 2018
Published on Apr 13, 2018 14:42

This is a referral request for a Site Improvement Plan (SIP), project SP18-12R, to construct a proposed 80,067 square foot, 3-story medical office building on a 4.85-acre site in RidgeGate. The location is on undeveloped land immediately northwest of the Park Meadows BLVD and RidgeGate PKWY roundabout, in Lone Tree. The legal description is RidgeGate, Section 15, 12 Amendment, Lot 1. The state parcel # is 2231-151-03-001.


Please forward any referral comments to hans.friedel@cityoflonetree.com, Senior Planner, by May 5, 2018.


For more information about other development projects in Lone Tree, please visit the City's Latest Projects page.

Full application and plans URL: http://cityoflonetree.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_745898/File/Government/Departments%20and%20Divisions/Planning/Referrals/Pinnacle%20at%20RidgeGate%20MOB%20SIP%20SP18-12R%20Lone%20Tree%20Referral%20Packet.pdf