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Teen Court

Lone Tree Teen Court offers a voluntary alternative for eligible youth respondents to the Lone Tree Municipal Court. Teen Court is a diversion-like justice program for youth and run by youth. This unique program uses positive peer influence and restorative justice principles to help respondents address the harm caused after committing a crime. Youth and adult volunteers from the community are invaluable to the Teen Court process.

The Teen Court process in Lone Tree, called Peer Panels, is run by youth volunteers who ask restorative questions of the respondent and their family. These questions are related to what happened, the impacts of the crime, and how to make it right again. The panelists then use what is shared in the process to create an appropriate and meaningful set of consequences that paves the way to repairing the harm. Teen Court focuses on misdemeanor and youth-related offenses.

For any question about the Lone Tree Teen Court Program, please email us here.

How does Teen Court use Restorative Justice Principles?

Teen Court uses a Balanced & Restorative Justice approach. This approach has three tiers:

Accountability: The Teen Court respondent must work to make things right again by understanding the impacts of what happened and addressing the needs of those impacted.

Competency Development: Respondents that participate in Teen Court should leave with more skills and knowledge that will encourage positive behavior change.

Community Engagement & Safety: The program will encourage positive engagement in the community by providing opportunities to take accountability for decisions and behavior.

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