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Public Works Permits, Forms, Fees & Inspections

Below is information about public works permits and inspections. Click here for permits and inspections.

Permit Process

Notice: In the online application section that asks if this project is associated with a planning project, select NO.

Permits will generally be issued within five working days from the date of application: however, larger projects or incomplete submittals will require additional time.  Projects requiring significant lane closures should be submitted at least 10 days in advance of the anticipated start of work to allow for more review time.

The City requires any contractor working in the ROW to have a Certificate of Liability Insurance listing City of Lone Tree as Additional Insured on file with us.  All sub contractors, including contact information, must be listed on the permit.

Right-of-way permits will not be issued for longer than a six month period.  If your project is not complete in six months you will need to reapply for your permit.  Large scale development projects are allowed a one year ROW Permit.

No permit for new infrastructure or grading will be issued until the construction plans are approved by Development Review.

Please note our roadway classifications here for lane rental fees: 

Click here for Roadway Classifications

Click here for Fee Schedule

Please also note that the City observes a holiday moratorium on any lane closures from the Saturday before Thanksgiving through the 1st of January the following year for the below streets:

  • Yosemite Street from Kimmer Drive to Nichols Ave
  • Chester Street from Yosemite Street to Nichols Ave
  • County Line Road from Acres Green Drive to Inverness Drive
  • Park Meadows Center Drive from Yosemite Street to County Line Road
  • Park Meadows Drive from Yosemite to Lincoln Ave


Right-of-way inspections shall be scheduled 24 hours in advance by contacting the Public Works inspector assigned to your right-of-way permit.

Grading, Erosion & Sediment Control (GESC)

Any development project within the City of Lone Tree shall follow the City GESC requirements for earthwork/excavation activities on public or private land.  The City of Lone Tree has adopted the Douglas County Grading, Erosion, and Sediment Control Manual, amended July 2019.  All GESC plans review, permitting, and inspections shall follow the GESC Manual.  If a Letter of Credit is submitted to the City as GESC surety, a $30 administrative fee will be added for the FedEx return of the LOC.

Engineering Review

The following information is available for assistance in preparing GESC Plans/Reports for review by Public Works:

Permitting and Inspections

The Public Works Department issues all GESC permits for construction within the City of Lone Tree.  The following information is required when grading activities are scheduled within the City of Lone Tree:


Current fees for engineering review and other city services can be found in the City’s Fee Schedule. Fees are updated annually by the City Council.