A morning celebrating people, passion, and partnerships

Lone Tree Mayor Jackie Millet presents information on the City budget at the 2023 State of the City.

On Tuesday, February 28, business leaders, community leaders, and local elected partners headed to the Lone Tree Arts Center to see what Mayor Jackie Millet had cooked up for her annual State of the City address.

Throughout the morning, Millet detailed the special ingredients of Lone Tree’s “Special Sauce,” which she claimed was her take on a P3: people, passion, and partnerships- the unique combination of factors that make Lone Tree a successful and desirable place to live, work, and recreate. The Mayor leaned heavily into partnerships throughout the morning, claiming the main ingredient of Lone Tree’s secret sauce is its collaborative spirit and innovative mindset.

After a brief City budget review, Mayor Millet announced that bonds for the Lone Tree Arts Center and recreational amenities such as Cook Creek Pool and the tennis courts would be completely paid off later this year, adding that the City’s sales and use tax rate would be reduced from 2.825% to 2.5% on December 1, 2023. 

Peppering in some accomplishments, bringing the 2023 forecast to a boil

Millet highlighted some of the City’s achievements in 2022, such as updates to parks and trails with South Suburban Parks and Recreation, public works projects with Douglas County, Park Meadows Metro District, and the Rampart Range Metro District, road updates, City events and Arts Center programming, and much more.

“We are proud to be a City that is always looking forward, always seeking new opportunities, always striving to improve our quality of life,” Millet said, acknowledging the passion throughout the community that allows the City to reach new heights as a premier destination along the front range.

The morning also featured plans for 2023, such as beginning the work of updating the City’s comprehensive plan with input from residents and stakeholders, enhancing transportation options with RTD and Colorado Department of Transportation, and detailing several public works projects in the pipeline for the summer.

Mayor Millet thanked all the partners who have contributed to Lone Tree’s success over the years. She also acknowledged that Lone Tree’s secret sauce is not so secret anymore, as more people are discovering what makes it a great place to live, work, play and visit.

“Partnerships provide the fresh ingredients that add that je’nais se quois to our secret sauce – bringing boldness and brightness to our community,” said Millet. “They play a vital role in delivering high quality, efficient service and amenities to Lone Tree residents and businesses.”

Some very special guests for a very special cause

An Ambassador with Tall Tales Ranch serves coffee at the 2023 Lone Tree State of the City.

Tall Tales Ranch served as the event non-profit partner for the 2023 State of the City, a life-sharing community for adults with intellectual disabilities. Ambassadors in the program served coffee to attendees with the help of their coffee trailer, which you can see in action here

“It was an incredible honor to be able to serve coffee at the 2023 Lone Tree State of the City address,” said Emma Benner, Coffee Trailer Manager with Tall Tales Ranch. “It was a fast-paced environment, which gave our ambassadors the opportunity to further develop their on-the-job problem-solving skills and receive continued vocational training.”

A portion of the proceeds from the event will go to Tall Tales Ranch to help them build their ranch near Schweiger Ranch in Lone Tree.

“To be chosen as a recipient of the proceeds of this event and highlight our coffee trailer program speaks volumes about the generosity of the City,” added Laura McKenna, Executive Director for Tall Tales Ranch. “We are so fortunate to be a part of the Lone Tree community and are humbled by the outpouring of support of our mission.”

Thank you, sponsors!

The City of Lone Tree would like to thank our generous sponsors of the 2023 State of the City: South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce, Sky Ridge Medical Center, Cranelli’s Italian Restaurant, Denver South, and Michow Cox & McAskin LLP.

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