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Liquor Licensing

General Liquor Licensing

Liquor licensing in Colorado is a dual licensure, requiring both the City and the State to approve a liquor license application for a liquor license to be granted. The Local Liquor Licensing Authority for the City of Lone Tree is the City Council. The Liquor License Authority for the City of Lone Tree is comprised of two divisions; the New License Division and the Compliance Division.

New License Division & Compliance Division

The New License Division comprised of City Council Members, holds hearings in regard to new license applications. The Compliance Division, which is comprised of a Hearing Officer, is responsible for all public hearings, other than for a new license application. Hearings are scheduled as needed.

Industry Update:

Some changes have gone into effect with the start of 2022:

  • State fee waivers for liquor licensing have concluded, please be sure to pay both the state and city fees for your liquor license transactions.
  • The state fee schedule was modified at the start of 2022, you can review the new fee schedule here. Please note a few specifics:
    • The state has enacted a $50 renewal fee for all renewing licenses, this is in addition to current state fees.
    • A takeout and delivery permit is required for on-premises establishments that allow takeout and/or deliver. The permit application can be found here (DR 8496). The fee for the initial application and for its annual renewal is $11; there is no city fee for this permit.


To apply for a new liquor license you will need to submit the following:

  • Liquor license application
  • Any required supplemental documentation
    • Follow the checklist on the second page of the application to determine required supplemental documentation
  • Appropriate city and state fees
  • Answers to liquor training questions

Next Steps:

Once an application is received, the City Clerk’s Office will review the application and schedule it for a hearing no sooner than 30 days from the submission date. At the hearing the Local Licensing Authority will review the application and determine whether or not to award the liquor license. If approved, the application will then be sent to to the state for their review and approval/denial.

A new liquor license generally takes 3-4 months for final approval from both the city and the state. The applicant can pay to have the application concurrently reviewed, meaning the city and state review the application at the same time. Final approval generally takes 2-3 months with concurrent review.


Liquor licenses are valid for one year from the date of the approval by the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division and must be renewed each year. Approximately 90 days prior to the expiration date of the license, you should receive a renewal application from the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division. Approximately 60 days prior to the expiration date of the license, a reminder letter or email will be sent to you from the City Clerk’s Office. Completed renewal applications must be accompanied by both city and state fees and submitted, no later than 45 days, before the license expires to the City Clerk’s Office for processing.

To complete your renewal you will need to submit the following:

If you need more room to fully answer a question on the form, please attach a separate sheet of paper to your renewal.

The time it takes for a renewal to be approved and a renewed license to be issued varies because both the city and state must review and approve the renewal application. Generally it takes 5-6 weeks to renew a license.

Changes & Modifications

Any changes must be reported to the City Clerk’s Office for consideration by both the local and state licensing authorities:

  • Change in the operating manager
  • Change in corporate structure or trade name
  • Change in partnership or limited liability member
  • Change in location
  • Transfer of ownership or modification of your licensed premises

Applications are available through the State of Colorado website. A majority of changes are filed using either form DR 8442 or DR 8177.

COVID-19 and Temporary Modification of Premises

Many liquor license holders are temporarily modifying their liquor licensed premises in order to maintain a greater number of customers while abiding by social distancing and capacity restrictions. Because of this, the Liquor Enforcement Division has taken steps to streamline the temporary modification application process. To apply for a temporary modification of premises, submit the following material the City of Lone Tree:

  • Form DR 8442 – Found here:
  • Attach a diagram of the new premises with an outline of the entire licensed area.
  • Proof of your permission to use the modified area to include but not limited to statements of use, permits, easements, modified leases, or letters of permission.
  • A control plan which details boundaries of the licensed premises, ingress/egress, signage, hours of operation, and preventing sales to underage or intoxicated persons.
  • $150 fee to the Colorado Department of Revenue. Submit this fee online here for fastest response.

Submit Application to the City of Lone Tree:
Email the completed application to the City Clerk’s Office, drop it off at City Hall, or mail it to:

City of Lone Tree
City Clerk’s Office
9220 Kimmer Drive, Suite 100
Lone Tree, CO 80124

How quickly your application is approved is dependent upon the completeness of your application and the volume of incoming applications. If there is an issue with your application, the City or State will reach out to you for corrections. Please know that both the City and State are working hard to approve modification applications as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, please call the City of Lone Tree at 303-708-1818 or email Deputy City Clerk Rick Parsons at [email protected]

Liquor Licensing Fees

Colorado is a dual licensing state for liquor, so there are two separate fee lists to consult when working on liquor licensing. Fingerprinting & CBI background reports, as well as state fees, are paid directly by the applicant. Other fees may also be required. Current fees for the City and the State can be found here.

Special Event Liquor Permits

If you are seeking to have liquor at your event, you will need a special event liquor permit. To apply for a liquor permit, please fill out and submit the special events liquor permit application found in the document link below.

The City of Lone Tree encourages all liquor license holders to regularly train their staff and managers on liquor laws and best practices by incorporating seller/server training into their business model. This training can be anything from basic TIPS training, to the more advanced responsible vendor training. It is important to stay knowledgeable about the safe selling and serving of alcohol.

Responsible Vendor Training

In some instances Responsible Vendor training is required for licensees and their staff. If a licensee has failed a compliance check and must complete staff training, it is generally responsible vendor training. Responsible Vendor training standards are established by the State Liquor Enforcement Division and this training must be live (no recordings). For a list of approved responsible vendor training organizations, click here.

Need help with liquor licensing?

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City Clerk

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