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New Chick-fil-A Restaurant

Project Information

Parking lot south of 8585 South Yosemite Street, Lone Tree, CO 80124

On Referral

Priority Deadline
October 31, 2023

Planning Commission

City Council

This is a proposal for a new drive-thru restaurant, Chick-fil-A, to be located in the existing parking lot south of 8585 South Yosemite Street. The site is zoned Commercial, Subzone C2.  This project consists of the construction of a 5,380 square foot commercial, drive-thru restaurant with 140 indoor seats and 16 outdoor seats. The project includes two drive-thru lanes and two drive-thru canopies. The order point canopy is placed at the southern side of the parking lot near the drive-thru entrance. The meal delivery canopy will be on the eastern side of the restaurant. Pedestrian access will be provided with a new sidewalk that connects to the existing sidewalk on South Yosemite Street to the east and a new path through the parking lot that connects to the C-470 trail to the west. Minor changes to the parking islands on the west and north side of the building are proposed, along with improvements to the surrounding landscaping.

To provide comments on this application, please fill out the comment form available here. All public comments received before the priority deadline will be included in the agenda packet for this project’s public hearings. Comments received after the priority deadline will be incorporated into the public record at the public hearing.

Project Location

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Community Development

Associate Planner

Bobby Weidmann

Phone: 720-509-1180